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Practice Guidance and Resources

From our experience professionals working in a range of settings which support families can sometimes be unsure about what they can do to help parents have healthier relationships and how to respond when parents report that they’re experiencing issues in their relationship.

We set out to support workers to be able to recognise relationship distress and feel confident and supported to respond. We’ve worked to give professionals and organisations the skills, knowledge and confidence to incorporate an understanding of parental relationships into the work they already do.

Our Relationships Matter 2019 Conference sees the launch of materials specifically tailored to the needs of workers and families in Hartlepool. Click on the tabs below to access these resources.

There is clear evidence to show that where it is possible to strengthen couple relationships there are profound benefits for adult and child well-being, as well as improved parenting. This essential guide for practitioners give you the knowledge and practical advice you need to support couple relationships no matter what setting or agency you work in. Learn how to Recognise, Respond to and Review relationship distress.

Original content from OnePlusOne, adapted for Hartlepool by our team!

This interactive toolkit gives you the guidance to be able to understand parental conflict, respond effectively and signpost to appropriate services available to families in Hartlepool where needed.

Adapted with permission from Hertfordshire County Council for Hartlepool by our team.

Having a new baby can be a particularly stressful time and put strain on parents’ relationship. The guidance contains original content from OnePlusOne adapted for Hartlepool by our team in consultation with local Health Visitors and families. Find out how you can support the parental relationship at this vital stage through individual, couple and group work.

Practice Development Videos and Blog Posts

We’ve also been working on supporting workers through videos and blog posts. We hope this content will be accessible for workers and enable them to develop their practice and confidence. There’s plenty more content planned so if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. Or you could sign up to our mailing list for regular updates.

Our Healthy Relationships Champions

At our Relationships Matter 2019 conference we names our first Healthy Relationships Champions. A Healthy Relationships Champion is a local professional who has showcased excellent practice in supporting parental relationships. We’ll be naming more Champions over the coming months. You can read the stories of the work they have done by clicking below.