Parenting Apart

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We’re separating and want to do what’s best for our child

We can’t agree on who our child should live with or how they should spend their time

Where can we go if we need help after separation?

Separating can be a difficult time for all members of the family, especially when there are children involved. Explaining what’s happening to your children can be hard. There’s lots of resources available online that can help you think about how you might talk to children about this as well as books you can read with your child.

Click to read our guide on where to go for advice.

Agreeing practical arrangements for children after a separation can be difficult; thinking about these agreements can often feel impossible, especially when there is still a lot of ongoing conflict.

If you and your ex-partner can’t agree about the arrangements for your children after your separation click to read our guide of top things to keep in mind.

You might find it difficult to come to agreements between yourselves when you separate or divorce. In some cases parents can benefit from having an impartial person to help them come to an agreement. If you want to know what support is available organisations like Changing Futures North East could help 01429 891444