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Support for Families

We are working to make sure parents who are going through difficult times in their relationships know they are not alone and that there is help available.

Through our campaigns, online resources and our work with the community we aim to get people talking about the ups and downs of relationships that we all experience and help people to get support or advice that could make a difference to them and their family.

Online Resources for Parents

Strengthening your relationship

Parenting Apart

Parenting a child with additional needs

Being a new parent

Where can I go for relationship support in Hartlepool?

Relationship problems are common and there is help available in Hartlepool if you need it. You might want to start by looking at your options and deciding which is best for you and what you will feel most comfortable with. You can get in touch with the organisations over the phone or online and take the opportunity to ask questions about what they offer and how it could work for you and your family.

In Hartlepool support aimed at helping parental relationships is delivered by Changing Futures North East, Tees Valley Mediation, Relate and members of our Family Relationship Network.

Some organisations, such as Relate and One Plus One offer support over the phone or through online chat services.

Click here to read our guide on what’s on offer for parents looking to improve their relationship

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