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Supporting professionals to support families

The Healthy Relationships Partnership aims to build on the good practice of the workforce supporting families and young people through Early Help and Intervention services. We are working in Hartlepool to raise awareness of the importance of parental relationships and the impact they have on children as well as helping staff and organisations to be more confident in supporting parental relationships.

By doing consultation with families in the community we know that parents want to be able to access relationship advice and support from the places they’re familiar with in the community.

As a result of this feedback (as well as feedback from professionals) we have worked to put the following in place:

The Family Relationship Network

We set up the Family Relationship Network, a group of organisations committed to supporting parental relationships as part of the work they already do with the children, individuals and families they work with.

As part of our Relationships Matter 2019 Conference we unveiled the first 4 members of our Family Relationship Network. You can find more about the network, the individual members and how they are supporting parental relationships in our community by clicking here.

The Healthy Relationships Partnership would like to say a big Well Done and Thank You to the organisations who have already demonstrated their commitment being part of creating healthier relationships in Hartlepool!

Supporting Practice

From our experience professionals working in a range of settings which support families can sometimes be unsure about what they can do to help parents have healthier relationships and how to respond when parents report that they’re experiencing issues in their relationship.

We set out to support workers to be able to recognise relationship distress and feel confident and supported to respond. We’ve worked to give professionals and organisations the skills, knowledge and confidence to incorporate an understanding of parental relationships into the work they already do.

Our Relationships Matter 2019 Conference sees the launch of materials specifically tailored to the needs of workers and families in Hartlepool. Click here to access these resources.

We also named our first Healthy Relationships Champions at the conference. A Healthy Relationships Champion is a Hartlepool professional who has demonstrated excellence in practice working with parental relationships. Click here to read their stories.

Family Support Agency Network Meeting

family support professionals networking event

Feedback from families consistently tells us that they appreciate having one key worker they trust to be able to help them get the support they need. As busy workers it can sometimes be hard to keep up with changes happening in your own organisation, let alone everyone elses! What organisations are able to offer can change regularly and if you’re working with a family it can be tricky to suggest things they could access in the community if services change often. Sometimes we might not even know a service is available at all!

We set up the Family Support Agency Network meetings so that organisations in Hartlepool could find out what’s available to families in the town and also so they could promote their own services. We believe enabling organisations to work more collaboratively will result in the best possible service being delivered to families who need support. Find out more about our network meetings by clicking here.

Healthy Relationships Reference Group

Our Reference Group is a regular gathering of representatives multi-agency professionals who support us to make decisions around our activities . They help to develop the work of the partnership by and giving us feedback and guidance on our ideas and using their expertise to make suggestions around what will work for local parents, professionals and organisations. A wide range of organisations from across Hartlepool are represented in the group including:

Belle Vue Sports, Community & Youth Centre, St Hilds School, MINDskills Recovery College, West View Project, Hartlepool Borough Council, Footprints Nursery and members of the Healthy Relationships Partnership Team.

The group is not a closed membership group and we would welcome anyone from an organisation in Hartlepool that thinks they could play a role in developing work around supporting healthy relationships. If you’re interested contact

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