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Since the partnership began in 2015 we’ve aimed to learn as much as possible from the experiences of parents and professionals. Their insight into living and working with parental conflict has been vital in the development of our work over the last 4 years and has informed our campaigns, community work, training and support. As a result of our research and evaluation projects we’ve been able to communicate our learning far and wide! Our goal is to get people thinking about what we can all do to play a part in reducing parental conflict.

Our research areas include:

  • Supporting parental relationships in the community
  • Parents attitudes and feelings about relationships and relationship support
  • Professionals views on supporting parental relationships
  • How workforce development can influence practice around supporting parental relationships
  • Experiences of systems change and systemic conditions needed for systems change to succeed
  • Parents experiences of services
  • If you want to know more we’re happy to share our learning! Get in touch with Katie Cramphorn, Research and Development Lead, katie.cramphorn@hrphartlepool.co.uk, or @katiecramphorn on Twitter.

July 2019: Visual depictions of staff and volunteer experiences of supporting parental relationships through a community based volunteer programme. Full report coming soon!

January 2019: Research and Development Lead Katie Cramphorn reflects on the personal experience of evaluating in complexity in this blog post.

February 2018: At the end of 2017 we carried out a community research project to understand parents views on relationship support in Hartlepool. Parents spoke about their attitudes towards seeking help for issues in their relationship and their awareness of available relationship support. Findings from the report helped to start a discussion locally around what we as a town should do next to make relationship support more accessible.

Sustaining our work – discussion report coming soon.

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