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During the delivery of our work from 2015-2020 we aimed to learn as much as possible from the experiences of parents and professionals. Their insight into living and working with parental conflict was vital in the development of our work over the last 4 years and has informed our campaigns, community work, training and support. As a result of our research and evaluation projects we’ve been able to communicate our learning far and wide!

Our research areas included:

  • Supporting parental relationships in the community
  • Parents attitudes and feelings about relationships and relationship support
  • Professionals views on supporting parental relationships
  • How workforce development can influence practice around supporting parental relationships
  • Experiences of systems change and systemic conditions needed for systems change to succeed
  • Parents experiences of services

Research & Learning Reports and Blogs

  • If you want to know more we’re happy to share our learning! Get in touch with Katie Cramphorn @katiecramphorn on Twitter.