Richard Wrighton

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Richard Wrighton

Practice Development Lead

Richard was seconded from Hartlepool Borough Council to the Healthy Relationship Programme in September 2018 with the role of Practice Development Lead for Early Help. Prior to this he was the Team manager for the Intensive Response Team within Hartlepool Children Services; and prior to that worked on developing an Effective Interventions Tool Kit underpinned by solution focused practice.

He has been in social care for over 28 years and qualified as a social worker in the mid 1990s! His experiences have been varied from working in children’s residential care; working in a social work team, as well as fostering and adoption services. He is an advocate for multi-agency working and is committed to helping people be the best they can.

Richard’s role within the HRP aims to support the Early Help workforce across Hartlepool to be able to deliver effective intervention with families, particularly around parental relationships. He is working to develop and implement practice standards around Early Help so that services can provide the best possible service to families. His experience in team management and practice education has enabled him to aid frontline practitioners in developing their knowledge, skills and confidence. Richard’s work also enables staff to use learning to develop their practice through peer learning groups, coaching and advice and support.

Richard is currently enjoying new found fame as the star of our Practice Development Vlog series!