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Pauline Banks

Job Role

Pauline joined the HRP team in October 2016. Since joining the team she has taken on a variety of roles including Therapeutic Practitioner, Group Programme Facilitator and Lead Trainer.

Prior to joining us she worked in Education Management and Consultancy before retraining as a Psychotherapist, then working in school and private practice.

As part of the HRP team Pauline has delivered numerous training sessions to local practitioners to give them the skills, knowledge and tools to support the parental couple relationship. She has also delivered the How to Argue Better training programme and followed this up with ongoing support, coaching and mentoring for local practitioners to help them use their new relational skills in practice with the families they work with. Pauline has been instrumental in building relationships with the organisations who have become part of our Family Relationship Network and aiding them in developing their own plans for how they will support parental relationships moving forward.

As a group leader she has also delivered direct intervention work with couples experiencing relationship distress through the Parents as Partners group work programme.

When she’s not busy out and about or in the office Pauline is an avid Up-cycler, Upholsterer and enjoys spending her time with her family and Dudley, the family’s Labrador cross.

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