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Our Healthy Relationships Champions

At our Relationships Matter 2019 conference we names our first Healthy Relationships Champions. A Healthy Relationships Champion is a local professional who has showcased excellent practice in supporting parental relationships. We’ll be naming more Champions over the coming months. You can read the stories of the work they have done by clicking on the tabs below.

Amy Allan

Family Support Worker, Hartlepool Borough Council

In the last year Amy has been completing the Level 4 in Working with Children, Individuals and Families and has also completed the How To Argue Better training. The How To Argue Better training enabled Amy to take on a relationship focused intervention with one family in particular. Through the conversations the How To Argue Better tools generated Mum and Dad reflected on how they did things and came up with their own solutions to reducing their conflicts. Both Mum and Dad report they use the strategies they identified within this session and their relationship and overall situation has improved.

Feedback from Parent:‘At the beginning we felt like we already knew a lot of it but when we looked at it again the next day we thought it would be helpful. We let each other have a little breather when we had a disagreement then went back to it and felt we could discuss it better. P has been trying to talk more and I have been getting less stressed if he is quiet because I know he isn’t doing it just to wind me up. We feel we understand more about each other.’

Katie Hering

Family Support Worker, Hartlepool Borough Council

As a result of attending How to Argue Better training Katie completed an intervention with a separated couple who were experiencing frequent conflict. The couple had limited support outside of each other and were struggling to agree on parenting styles as well as each not being able to understand the others emotional and mental health needs. Conversations between them would regularly escalate to arguments. Katie used the OnePlusOne Brief Encounters Model, which is part of the How to Argue Better training materials, as well as using Relationship Insights and the Stop, Talk It Out, Work It Out model.
As a result of this work the parents have improved their relationship and reduced arguments by improving their communication with each other. This has positively impacted on the children who are experiences a more positive home environment with significantly less stress and conflict.

Feedback from Parent: “It’s helped us to understand each other better and think about what would be going through the kid’s heads when we were shouting and arguing. We talk to each other calmly now and manage to agree on things more to do with the kids.”

Lisa Hornby

Head of Year and Parental Engagement, St Hild’s School

Supporting Healthy Relationships in Hartlepool: Our First Healthy Relationships Champions!
Lisa has been a member of the Healthy Relationships Reference Group since it began in February 2018. As part of the group alongside representatives from other agencies across the town she has played an important role in guiding decisions around how our activities can enable Hartlepool to better support parental relationships. As well as being Head of Year for Year 9 Lisa has responsibility for parental engagement at St Hilds and recognises that relationships are vitally important.

“For our school it’s certainly a vital aspect in the sense that if we have healthy relationships with our parents and their relationships are healthy we will have improved outcomes for our children. “
Lisa recently attended the How To Argue Better training and is also completing the Level 4 in Working with Children, Individuals and Families.

Fiona Marshall

Family Support Worker, Hartlepool Borough Council

Fiona carried out some work with a family made up of Mum, Dad and two boys. The referral had originally come in as a request for support with the Son’s behaviour. Mum acknowledged that parenting was an issue and Dad worked away which impacted on the couple relationship and consequently on the children. The children witnessed Mum and Dad arguing and talking about ‘splitting up’.

Fiona completed work with the parents to help them understand the impact of their behaviour and to get them on the same page in regards to parenting styles. It was acknowledged that being able to do this would stop them from undermining each other, which had been a trigger for arguments. As a result of the work Fiona completed with the family the parents have developed more effective ways of resolving conflict. Relationships in the family have improved and the boys are no longer worried about Mum and Dad ‘splitting up’. Mum and Dad have developed an understanding of how their arguments can impact on their children.

Feedback from Mum: “We are managing so much better at home now. We are not arguing in front of the children now. I have stopped shouting at my oldest son and our relationship is improving every day.”