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Supporting Organisations to support Families

The Healthy Relationships Partnership aims to build on the good practice of the workforce supporting families and young people through Early Help and Intervention services. We are working in Hartlepool to raise awareness of the importance of parental relationships and the impact they have on children as well as helping staff and organisations to be more confident in supporting parental relationships.

By doing consultation with families in the community we know that parents want to be able to access relationship advice and support from the places they’re familiar with in the community. Find out more about joining our Family Relationship Network so that your organisation can access the resources you need to support the parents you work with. 

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For more information on our offer to organisations click here to download our Family Relationship Network leaflet. If you would like to discuss how our offer might work in your organisation please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01429 891444.

The Healthy Relationship Partnership aims to support other organisations who work with children and families to promote and encourage strong, resilient parental relationships. We recognize that every organisation and the contribution they make is unique. The Partnership can work with you to understand how and where we can work together on complimentary and shared agendas that promotes health, wellbeing and success for children and families through enabling positive and healthy relationships.

If you would like to explore how we might work in partnership, please contact


Supporting Organisations to support Employees

We also recognize that relationship difficulties at home can make it more difficult for employees to cope at work.

Approximately 40% of cohabiting or married staff in the UK go through relationship breakdown or divorce at any given time, this can lead to employees needing more support in their workplace and managers and HR staff may be unsure how to approach this. The materials on this page may be useful in helping you have conversations with employees who you feel could benefit from support or in informing how your organization could work alongside us for healthy relationships in Hartlepool.

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