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The ‘Through Their Eyes’ Campaign

What we did…

February 2018 marked the start of our first campaign, ‘Through their Eyes’! ‘Through their Eyes’ aimed to encourage people to think about what children see and feel when there is ongoing conflict in their home between the adults in their life.

Our ultimate goal with #throughtheireyes was to get people talking about relationships and knowing where they could go for help or support if they need it. Our focus was on the relationship between parents/carers.

Our campaign work aimed to reflect that:

  • Relationship difficulties are common, everyone can go through tough times in their relationship whether they are together or separated. It’s  important to know that arguments are normal but it’s how you resolve them is important and can help children learn how to deal with conflict themselves.
  • Certain events and circumstances in your life can put extra pressure on your relationships. Positive relationships can be a major comfort during difficult times but stress surrounding having a baby, mental health, financial worries, unemployment, separation and childrens health can all cause tension in relationships.
  • There is a range of support available in Hartlepool to suit your needs if you think this would benefit you and your family. This ranges from self-help that you can access yourself online, to support in places around the community you might already be familiar and comfortable with, to relationship support from specialist organisations.

How we did it…

We kicked off our campaign by launching this website and hosting a conference in Hartlepool with over 90 guests, some travelled from across the country to attend or speak. Over the week of the campaign our team of volunteers, staff and local partners worked to raise awareness of the impact of parental relationships on childrens wellbeing and outcomes by speaking to parents and organisations at events in the community.

Community organisations and venues hosted their own Healthy Relationships events for families to attend and find out more about our campaign and the support available for parental relationships.

This video was created in partnership with a fantastic group of students from The Northern School of Art (CCAD Hartlepool). The students went out speaking to those living and working in the community and filmed a number of discussion groups to get an understanding of attitudes towards getting help for relationships.