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From the 14th to the 18th of October 2019 we ran a campaign across our social media channels emphasising the importance of keeping your relationship healthy after having a new baby. This campaign aimed specifically at new parents was also to promote the free resource available via all health visitors in Hartlepool – Me, You and Baby Too. A handy guide created by us here at HRP and our friends at OnePlusOne, it reminds you that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed with a new baby in the house but also that your health visitor is the perfect point of contact when asking for help. We wanted to normalise talking to your HV about your relationship, something that a lot of new parents probably don’t even think of doing.

We featured a guest blog by Jan Mitcheson about how your HV is an ideal point of contact for how to keep your relationship on track after having a baby –

Health Visitors for Strengthening Relationships

NIkki Clark explained how health visitors are well placed to help if your relationship is under strain as a new parent in our handy video –

We spoke about our free resource available to all Hartlepool health visitors – Me, You and Baby Too. Also reminding practitioners to read our accompanying guide via the HRP website here: Support & Resources for Practitioners